Web by WMC Corp About Us Ha'Penny Kennels were founded over 40 years ago by J. Richard ("Dick") Schneider.  Dick started by showing and breeding Old English Sheepdogs.  On a trip to England, Dick met the Bearded Collie and fell in love.  He gradually shifted from Old English to Beardies, and imported the first American Champion, Brambledale Blue Bonnet, from England.  Bonnet lived with other folks, but Dick took two puppies from one of her litters, CH Ha'Penny Blue Blossom and CH Ha'Penny Lucy Locket, and made them the foundation stock of Ha'Penny Beardies. Blossom was both a great show dog, following her mother as number one beardie, and a great producer.  Blossom had 21 champions, nine group winners and three Best-in-Show winners. She is the only bitch in the history of our breed to give birth to three BIS winners.  Lucy wasn't too far behind.  She had 10 champion children.  Almost all beardies with Ha'Penny in their names or pedigrees are descended from Blossom or Lucy. When Blossom was ready to retire to the whelping box, Dick felt there was no dog in the US or Canada worthy of his girl.  He went to England and persuaded Shirley Holmes to part with Chauntelle Limelight, known as Donnie.  Limelight was the son of Edenborough Blue Bracken, for many years the top-winning and top-producing English beardie.  Ha'Penny was founded on Brambledale, Bothkennar and Edenborough lines.  With Donnie and Blossom, Ha'Penny was off and running and has never looked back.  Dick stopped counting when he hit 200 champions.  Ha'Penny beardies have been number one many times, have won the National Specialty and other awards at the National many times, and have always upheld the principles that Dick held dear - sound temperament in a sound body. Dick passed away in 2005, but Dot, his wife, has been able to keep going and keep Dick's standards with the help of many dedicated Ha'Penny family members.  Ha'Penny really is a family, united by our love of our dogs and our breed.  We strive to produce dogs with good temperaments and good structure that make wonderful family pets, and, sometimes, great show dogs and great mothers and fathers. We show our dogs in conformation for fun, of course, and they participate in agility, herding and many other fun activities.  We also show our dogs in conformation to confirm to us and others that they are good breeding stock.  Ha'Penny only breeds dogs that we consider possessed of the traits that should be passed on.  One of the ways we test that premise is in the show ring.  The purpose of conformation showing, going back to the county fairs in England, is to pick breeding stock. Many people looking for a beardie will say, "We only want a pet," but a pet should exhibit the traits of a good show dog.  He should have a wonderful temperament.  A good show dog, and a good pet, is adaptable, friendly and easy to get along with.  He also should meet the breed standards of construction, which are designed to ensure that the beardie can do the job it was meant to do - herd sheep in the rocky Highlands. At Ha'Penny, we will never compromise Dick's high standards.  We breed dogs and bitches that we believe should be bred to carry on their traits.  So, even if your beardie is not destined to be an agility star or an AKC conformation champion, our goal is for you to have the best beardie we can possibly give you.